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The Importance Of A Car’s Air Filter

The air filter is one of the main yet often overlooked part of your car engine. This filter makes sure that your engine gets the correct amount of airflow that it needs for functioning whilst removing unwanted particles like debris and dust. The simplest way to know when to swap out your air filter is to look into your car manual and read after how much time it needs to be replaced. Sometimes there are circumstances that you need to change the air filter more frequently due to weather, A/C, and how often you drive.

So here are 4 signs that the filter needs to get changed.

  1. Ignition Problems – If your car is sluggish to start and it takes a few key turns to get it operating, chances are that the air filter may not be in the best of condition. A dirty air filter does not let the air reach the spark plug thus causing problems in the ignition.
  2. Sluggish Acceleration – Most of us love to rev our cars and get an adrenaline rush when we see a wide-open road. But if something seems off about your car while picking up speed the chances are that it might be due to a dirty air filter.
  3. Poor Fuel Economy – If this airflow is hindered in any way, the engine might burn fuel at a faster rate and might consume more fuel to do a menial job. Thus a drop in fuel economy can be because of a bad air filter.
  4. The Air Filter Looks Dirty – Just like when a vacuum cleaner’s filter is dirty it cannot suck dirt properly, even a car’s air filter needs regular cleaning. A clean air filter will keep the car running smoothly and will also take care of all the above-mentioned problems too.

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